Greater reach and higher sales by establishing your presence in online marketplaces

Selling on Amazon and other platforms

No installation required

Ready to sell in no time

Integrated goods management system

  • Amazon, etc.
  • Goods management
  • Multi-channel trading

Amazon and others

With SHOPiMORE, you can offer your products and services simultaneously on different marketplaces and yet manage and process all workflows efficiently in one and the same system.

  • Integrated goods management system
  • All inventories centrally managed
  • International shipping
  • Overselling not possible

Goods management

Efficient processing for your business. Manage all your business processes with integrated goods management. From item and inventory management to accounts receivables.

  • Supplier and item management
  • Central warehouse and inventory management
  • Returns processing
  • Integrated accounts receivables

Multi-channel trading

Create your own online shop. SHOPiMORE has been specially designed for traders who wish to sell via multiple sales channels. You can activate your own online shop in just a few clicks with the central item and data maintenance function or also sell from your retail store with the integrated checkout system.

  • Fully integrated online shop
  • Integrated tablet checkout system
  • Click & Collect out of the box
  • All sales channels synchronised

Cloud hosting

The security of your data and stability of the system are our top priorities. Your shop is hosted in a high-security data centre in Vienna. All data is permanently secured and saved on at least two physically separate database and storage systems. We grow with you – whether you have 10 or 10,000 orders per month

Maintenance and support

SHOPiMORE is constantly being developed and you will receive new functions completely free of charge on a continuous basis. We take care of software maintenance around the clock and make sure that the system is working. Updates are installed by our support team and we are available for your queries via telephone or remote maintenance.

We have the right partner for any request.

Request an individual quote for more information

  • System setup & training
  • Interface programming
  • Advice
  • Logistics by professionals