Central goods management system

An overview of all data and processes makes professional and efficient management easy.

All sales channels fully integrated and synchronised

One system for all products, inventories, customers and orders

CRM for customer retention and support

Ready access to payment and shipping service providers

  • Multi-channel
  • Customers
  • Payment and shipping
  • Logistics
  • Reporting

Multi-channel commerce

Create your own online shop. SHOPiMORE was specifically developed for retailers who aim to offer their products and services on multiple marketing channels at the same time. Thanks to the central inventory and data management system, you can activate your online shop in just a few clicks. Likewise, you can also use the integrated checkout system for your brick-and-mortar retail outlet.

  • Fully integrated online shop
  • Integrated tablet POS checkout system
  • Click and collect out of the box
  • All sales channels synchronised


With SHOPiMORE's CRM system, you always have an overview of all customer data. Detailed information on orders, vouchers, requests, queries and complaint management is the basis for good customer relations.

  • Management of customer groups
  • Overview of all customer information
  • Integrated ticketing system for professional customer support
  • Smart tools for customer retention

Payment and shipping

Fully integrated payment and shipment processing system. With SHOPiMORE, you can manage the entire order process ranging from order entries and registration to payment and shipping in one and the same system. Thanks to the total integration of our partners, Wirecard and Austrian Post, you save time and money and benefit from automated processes.

  • Management of accounts payable/receivable
  • Savings on shipping and payment services
  • Automated processes
  • Easy activation


Warehouse management for ambitious retailers. If required, SHOPiMORE offers you a comprehensive warehouse management solution that includes warehousing and warehouse management, keeping a record of incoming goods, order picking and managing shipping services. Moreover, SHOPiMORE provides the option of always having an updated inventory, in particular for retailers who sell their products online and from a retail outlet.

  • Central inventory management for all sales channels
  • Easy warehousing and warehouse management
  • Record of incoming goods, order picking and managing shipping services
  • Taking inventory


Always keep an eye on things. For instance, which are the best-selling articles and brands? Who are your most important customers? Which sales channel is responsible for the highest sales? Comprehensive and predefined reports on orders, sales, customers, etc. help you keep an eye on things and allow you to make the right decisions.

  • Dashboards with the most important key figures
  • Predefined reports on customers and sales
  • Export to Excel for further analysis

Cloud hosting

Among our goals, ensuring the security of your data and the reliability of your systems has top priority. Your shop is hosted in a high-security data centre in Vienna. Creating backups for your data is a continuous process. To this effect, your data is always stored on at least two physically separate database and storage servers. It is immaterial whether you have 10 or 10,000 orders per month. Our aim is to grow together.

Maintenance and support

SHOPiMORE is constantly evolving and is committed to upgrading its products and services. We ensure that our customers can always benefit from the latest features and upgrades – needless to say, free of charge. We take care of maintaining the software 24/7 to guarantee that all systems function perfectly. Updates are installed by our support team and we are available for your queries either via our support hotline or our remote maintenance service.


Do you need specific features that are not included in the standard package? Or do you need an interface to one of your existing systems? No problem! Many of our customers approach us with specific requests which we are able to transform into tailor-made, customer-specific solutions.

Logistics outsourcing

SHOPiMORE offers several options for retailers who choose not to be involved in warehousing and shipping their products. For instance, we could integrate your preferred logistics company or you can opt for one of our existing, fully integrated partners to take care of the logistics services for you.

Additional services

We have the right partner for your specific requirements. Request an offer and get a customised quotation and detailed information.

  • System setup and training
  • Interface programming
  • E-commerce consulting
  • Logistics solutions by professionals